Growing Up Calvin- What happened after Calvin and Hobbes ended?

Art has always been in the eye of the beholder. And particularly in the modern film, comic, and video game industry, fan interaction and opinion are the most important factors as to what is remembered, what is revived, and what is shelved. For 10 years starting in 1985, one of […]

The Genius of Insanity- how Crash Bandicoot looks so good

Why does Crash Bandicoot look so good

  Close your eyes and imagine something with me. Imagine the lushest, thickest jungle you can. Ancient Mayan ruins are laid all over the place. What kinds of creatures would you imagine live there? A tiger? A monkey? Lara Croft? Now consider a factory. Large machines are turning, conveyor belts […]

Closure- How Art Transports You and Makes You a Part of It

Why Silhouettes work so well

  I remember when I saw the first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. You never saw Indiana Jones’s face but were instead greeted by silhouettes and behind-the-head shots of the titular character and the last thing you see before Jones is revealed is this: […]

Action Comics #1- Why does it matter?

Action Comics #1- Why Does it Matter?

Action Comics #1 is one of the most important comic books ever made and inspired almost 80 years of superhero action and started the career of the second longest-lasting American icon: Superman. Now that the comic has been around for so long, it’s maybe a little difficult to see how […]