Sony owns the PS4. Sony owns movie rights to Spider-man (yes. They do. Marvel just borrows them). Of course this is all going to lead to an amazing game featuring the Amazing Spider-man!

We covered the gameplay trailer briefly when it was released at the D23 convention gaming panel and a new trailer was dropped during the 2017 Paris Game Week. Let’s go through this and see what we can learn!

0:24- Already we are seeing some interesting bits. Spider-man started as a teenager in the comics but quickly became an adult since comics at Marvel traditionally aged characters in real time. Many of us, including myself, grew up on an older Peter Parker. One who had been Spider-man for a while and was quite possibly married. My first interaction with Spider-man was the animated series of the ‘90s when he was in college. We didn’t get an origin story until the 4th season or so.

Now while origin stories can be rehashed very nicely, something I’m very impressed with is the choice to have Spider-man be a bit older and seasoned. This way, while the teenager is in the movies, I can work with the young adult making it in the world Peter. Something about that is appealing to me.

0:37- Power and Responsibility should always be the center of what Spider-man is. Immediately we see Peter trying to be responsible for money and rent while also receiving more responsibilities with the soup kitchen/ shelter. Compound that with his responsibilities as Spider-man and there’s a ton of game here, even if it’s not web-slinging. I really hope they can find a way to balance the gameplay between all of these different tasks to force the player to make decisions based on what they think is more important or will push the plot further along. Some kind of punishment system for shirking responsibilities would be pretty cool too.

0:40- Miles. He’s alright. While I sometimes feel like he is only around to help fill a vendetta that Marvel/ Disney has, I do, overall, like his character. He made sense in his first introduction and differs enough from Peter to not feel like a re-hash replacement for the original character. Very well built. However, Miles really doesn’t work too well if Peter is still alive. I really hope we don’t see Peters death or see him quit the game, but the mere presence of Miles concerns me a little bit in that regard.

Spider-man has been around for a long time with a lot of different iterations. This game has a brilliant potential to touch on the legacy of the characters.

0:47- Wilson Fisk just makes me like the game more. He and the Negative Man both give a vibe to Spider-man not seen since the ‘90s cartoon. A supervillain is cool, but placing a gang leader like this in the world give a certain air. Almost like you can’t completely trust anyone. Helping ladies cross the street or give directions is nice, even taking down a costumed villain working alone, but this is the big leagues now.

0:50- M.J. is cool. Nice to see her here.

1:20-  This is fast, but M.J. is in the 3rd person view angle. Can we play as her? That’d be awesome! Like you have to find different ways to delay the bad guys for Spidey to arrive or hide the materials that the villains are trying to get? There’s a ton of potential for this game here.

1:36- I talk more about this in the gameplay trailer summary here, but the combat in this game looks superb. It’s like a Spider-man version of Arkham Asylum.


Spider-man has always been a favorite character for me and I’m very excited about this game, but putting my own excitement for the game aside, what does the trailer tell us?

Putting all the pieces together, Spider-man looks to be the Arkham Asylum of the new console generation, meaning that it’s going to be the superhero game that changes how we look at superhero games. This hopefully means we have an open door to talks about more superhero properties being turned into games in the future. I say this because everything from the game looks like it’s trying really hard to get to the heart of what it means to be Spider-man with the added responsibilities given to Peter as well as providing a plethora of easter eggs. The travel and combat look to be the best we’ve had since Spider-man 2 and technology has only allowed these games to become better.

My excitement is justified. This trailer does everything it would need to show us the kind of game we are getting and Insomniac has had experience making great games ever since the original Spyro and Ratchet and Clank. Spider-man is in good hands.