Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, and the creator of “Ultimate Spider-man”; has left Marvel Comics to work full time at DC Comics following an exclusive contract. This announcement was made on DC’s official Twitter account and follows DC’s annual planning session for upcoming books, stories, and events. No word yet on what projects Bendis will be working on with DC.

Bendis was writing 4 books for Marvel recently, including Iron Man, Defenders, Jessica Jones and Spider-man. No new writers have been announced for these books

Bendis has only one previous DC book under his belt “Citizen Wayne” which was a play off the classic film Citizen Kane where Clark Kent interviewed those closest to the deceased Bruce Wayne, such as Dick Grayson and Selina Kyle, to find the meaning of the word “Rosebud”. This story was included in the second volume of “Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told”.