Infinity War has been a long time coming and today we finally got the first trailer for the movie. Let’s take a look at what we learn from it.

0:18: it almost sounds like the narrator is talking directly to the audience. We have been waiting a long time for this movie so it makes sense this would be playing on our sense of what has happened as well as how the studio would define the MCU as “a group of extraordinary people to become something greater”

0:40: One of the complaints I’ve had over the MCU was the inconsistency in music between movies within the franchise. Iron Man’s main theme changes every movie, Caps changes every movie, so it’s nice to hear this return to the original Avengers theme.

0:45: Again, this makes sense given the “legacy” feel that the movies are going for (legacy, borrowing from the current comic idea) by showing the entire Marvel cinematic logo. They’re really hitting a return to the original ideas that made the MCU popular in the first place.

1:01: we’ve seen a lot of clips of Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Spider-man. I’m thinking we could see a “passing of the torch” event with this movie from The Avengers to these newer characters who, with the ending of people’s contracts, are going to have to do much more of the heavy lifting if the MCU is to continue.

1:08: another callback to the older avenger ideas with the Tesseract cube.

1:13: Thanos looks funky without his full costume. Hope this is a temporary costume choice.

1:18: The new Spidey suit is pretty cool. It looks a lot like Ben Reilly’s costume from the ‘90s.

1:27: That’s neat that Cap’s back and all, but it’s not like we weren’t expecting it.

1:56: on a related note, it looks like neither Falcon nor Bucky has taken up the Captain America mantle. I think it’s just as well. Neither one of them could be Cap for very long without Steve returning to it somehow.

2:00: This is a cool shot.

2:18: This reveal was a thing, but I feel like the power behind it was lost with how nostalgic this trailer was trying to get.


Infinity War is the movie that’s been talked about for many years and has had a ton of rumors surrounding it. It doesn’t look to be a two-part film and it also doesn’t look to be the end of the MCU.

The impression I got was a type of return to a serious tone that got a little lost sometime after Age of Ultron. This trailer was playing off the Nostalgia a little thick but I say it’s appropriate given how long this movie has been in the works.

It also seems that this is going to turn into a passing the torch moment from the older characters, Iron Man, Captain America, Etc…, on to the newer properties used like Doctor Strange, Spider-man, and The Black Panther. I’d watch for that.