This was a big year for games, movies, and comics. Let’s take a look back at some of the most important parts of this year.

Retro Games Made A Comeback

Why does Crash Bandicoot look so good?
The Success of the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy shows that ideas of Gaming have switched from wonder what a game is to a return to why we play games- because they’re fun! And this is fun!

Who would have thought that we’d get another Crash Bandicoot game this year in this gaming climate? Who would have thought that Sonic The Hedgehog would make a surprise installment this year? Yooka Laylie also brought back the old Banjo Kazooie style of gameplay. Old-style 3d platformers and 2D speed-based platformers made an interesting and welcome comeback, largely thanks to the Indie-developer scene that has been dominating the market with games like Cuphead, Hello Neighbor, and Bendy. The trend this year switched from 2016 formalist “what is a game” to an animist “why do I play games”

Doomsday Clock started and Marvel Legacies began

Doomsday Clock is bringing a close to the nearly 2-year long journey we’ve all been on with DC Rebirth in a welcome and refreshing way. Doomsday Clock will wrap up in 2018 and we’ll be there to analyze the story once it does. Check back to see it.

Similarly, Marvel Legacies has brought Marvel back a bit from their complex and dis-liked Secret Empire story and feels a lot like a coming home. While Legacies is still really young, it’s having a promising start and Marvel comics really needs it after it’s massive loss this year in competing power against DC. We’ll see if it sticks or if the powerhouse that was Marvel is completely out of juice with the fans.

Rotten Tomatoes Takeover

Is There A Problem With Rotten Tomatoes?

Rotten Tomatoes has become more of a badge of accomplishment than any critic device since “At The Movies” aired. This has led to some really good things for movies to advertise as well as controversy over whether critics should be trusted with their analysis of a film. People are becoming more independent in their opinions on various projects and IP’s which really is a beautiful thing.

EA went too far

EA proved that even AAA developers can make mistakes. Their blunder with Battlefront 2 has caused enough outrage that AAA is going to have to start being a little more careful. This outlash has been a side-effect of the massive change in gaming thinking this year. Unfortunately, this has also opened up more Government discussion as to whether or not Video Games need to be censored or banned altogether, with certain Senators claiming that Video Games like Battlefront 2 are too similar to gambling.

This has been a really cool year. Lets all take a few minutes and just appreciate where we’ve been and make a beeline into the next year like it’s nobodies business!