When 2013, rolled around, I was pretty excited to be a part of the Superman craze that was happening. One of the things I was very fortunate to get ahold of (despite it’s somewhat poor condition) is this poster advertising different Superman books in preparation for Superman’s latest movie “Man of Steel”.

This poster is a compilation of a lot of people’s work, predominantly Jim Lee who designed the image of Superman seen on the right side, and this poster was distributed across different comic stores for promotional use. Lets look at some of the design choices here and talk about how this works as an advertisement.

The original poster as it stands hanging on my wall



If we look at the top of the poster, the suggestion is in a much bigger font with a hope to call more attention to it (this is also partially achieved with the Superman “S” logo being the main draw and the title of the poster right next to it). The titles and reviews of the suggested books are in a smaller font as to relate further information on these “classic Superman books” rather than simply relying on the images of the book covers.


There’s a lot of repetition happening here with the reviews, while different from the titles of the books and the giver of the review. The praising reviews given to each book are highlighted in white and are easily seen as part of a whole idea. Doing this states that “Superman books are consistently good”. I also like to point out that the fonts used for the reviews are also used for “DCcomics.com” in the top and bottom corners, bring that praise to not just be about Superman but about DC comics in general.


It’s almost like they created artificial alignment in this poster with the black rectangle takng place off-center. This brings attention to the logo of the movie and the declaration to read more comics.

Since the poster was folded, we can see also that the image of Superman on the left is in alignment with the movie’s logo and the books in question take up the majority of the bottom half. The poster is organized, even if a little sporatic with the many reviews.


All of the related books in the picture are overlapping each other, showing a type of relation. Also, the closeness and changing positions

of the book titles in relation to the reviews themselves serve to title the book itself rather than the review.


As with Superman, this poster deals a lot with the colors Red, Yellow, and Blue while giving most attention to the various blues and blacks. While Red, Yellow, and Blue usually come with a “playground/ childhood” aethstetic, here the image seems to gain most it’s power through the uses of it’s various hues of blue and black while red is mainly to highlight and break the monotony of the blue and yellow to bring attention to important names.

The poster gets most of it’s power from the uses of blue and black with occasional red to break the monotones.


As it turns out, This poster isn’t the best designed poster I have. The layout is messy, proximity is there but it’s not uniform, and strange color combinations with things like the borders around the book covers really take me out of the experience. It feels like a rough draft. Maybe an hour away from a full quality piece.