Gamma Sector is your online magazine investigating the artistic integrity of Film, Comics, and Video Games. These three artforms say something about the creators that made them but they also say something about us who participate. We are committed to finding out what they have to say and how they say it.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality content and analysis of the themes and processes behind the pop arts.

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The Team

Taylor Campbell

Twitter: @SupermanLegion

Favorite Movies: Toy Story, Indiana Jones

Favorite Games: Uncharted, Spider-man, Batman Arkham series

Favorite Comics: Superman: Unchained, DC Rebirth

Bio: Taylor Campbell has written on several different websites for many years and is the content editor of Gamma Sector. He has a huge passion for comic books and animation, having taught several university-level workshops in both subjects as well as a love and appreciation for Video Games.